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Well well well, although I said I would never be interested in doing a I find myself writing my first official blog post. Now I should probably warn you, my grammar and writing skill are atrocious and my oldest sister (an English Teacher) will likely die a little inside if she ever chooses to read this LOL, but I thought it would be a fun little addition to the Marketplace. One our main goal with the marketplace, is to focus on Local and Canadian business, and provide small businesses the opportunity to sell their products online without the hassle of doing it themselves. With that being said, I am hoping to use this blog as a way to feature Local Canadian Business in & out of the Marketplace, provide you with Tips/Tricks for those products and so much more! So I suppose the best way to kick this blog off, would be with a proper introduction of the amateur (at best) blogger...ME and how I got here!

Hello “my babies” (who doesn’t love a good F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference),  I am Taylor Fedor, the voice/face/creator whatever you want to call me, behind The Spruc’d Marketplace. I grew up in rural Alberta (Calmar) with my famjam- Mom, Dad, & 2 older sisters. Once I finished High School, I ventured off to N.A.I.T for my Business Diploma and slowly started working towards my degree...4 years later...still working for it...WHOOPS! To my defense, once I entered the 9-5 work world, every job I found was lacking a creative aspect which really unmotivated me to continue getting my education in a career I already knew I didn’t love. So I started looking for a creative outlet...introooooducing Spruc’d Design Co (formerly Spruc’d Up Creations),  a collection of Wood Signs and At-Home Sign Workshop. This little (and current) side hustle definitely fed my need for creativity, but also ignited an “entrepreneurial fire” in me to do so much more.

After a couple years of making my signs on the side, my sisters and I (at one of our many coffee dates) got to sharing our frustrations of about how we can never find all the fabulous HGTV home decor anywhere in Canada without spending a crap ton of money.  So we thought, why not start our own online boutique to provide some of these items for other like minded we did! But, before we knew it, “Momma Duties” called not one, BUT TWO of the now it remains a one woman show. Although I am sad  that I no longer have them involved in the Marketplace, I scored two (soon-to-be 3) of the cutest nephews around and am very excited to see where this will all go.

By now you are probably thinking “where is she going with this?” Well let me tell you I have plaaaaaans for the Marketplace...this blog being a major one of them. My goal with this blog, is to highlight Local & Canadian brands that I have grown to love, and share how you too can incorporate these goods into your everyday life. So if you are, a creative mind, like myself, a person who loves to support local/ Canadian brands, and a sucker for puuurdy home/lifestyle goods, you have come to the right place. Lastly, I definitely want to be hearing feedback from you, because without you all, I wouldn’t be here today. So pleeeeease do not hold back on me, feedback is always appreciated and encouraged!

Team Spruc’d …(My dog counts as a team member right…?)


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