Once You Go Romper You'll Never Go Back

Hello Seedlings…

If you follow along on my Spruc'd Design Co. account, by now you probably know my love for Smash & Tess Rompers. This is an amazing Canadian brand led by an even more amazing Mother and Daughter Duo. I have been using their products for years now and they just keep getting better and better! My entire wardrobe is made around comfort and it doesn’t get much more comfy than a Smash & Tess Romper! I like to think of rompers like tattoos…(weird I know)...but they are addicting once you buy one, you'll want another, and another. And for those of you who are currently trying to justify spending this amount of money on loungewear...let me tell you this...IT IS SOOOOOO MUCH MORE THAN LOUNGEWEAR, and that being said, I have put together a list of my favourite times to whip out my rompers!

Lounging Around Home:

Some people come home after a long day and the first thing they want to do is take off their bra...well hold those tata’s in ladies because once you have a romper this will be your first move of action after a long day of work. I mean I feel this is a pretty obvious one, but whether it be starting supper, working on orders, or plopping myself on the couch for the evening, Smash & Tess Rompers are the answer....and the best part, you can eat all the junk food you want guilt free because there is no waistband to tell you otherwise.

Saturday Romper


This is a must. If you aren’t traveling in your romper then you are clearly travelling all wrong. My rompers have become a staple in my travel bags. For those of you worrying about looking like you are wearing “PJ’s” in public, no worries these puppies can easily be dressed up or down. They pair great with a cute pair of shoes, cozy cardigans (#theeerincardigan my fave), or any jean/leather jackets.


Running Errands:

I think, secretly we all wish we could just wear our Pajamas out when we have to go run a few errands. It seems like such a waste (for me atleast), to get ready for an hour or two of running around. Well ladies, you are now able to get the best of both worlds, rompers make for a comfy aaaaand stylish way to run your errands in. The Romperalls (my personal fave) paired with the Smash & Tess bodysuit are definitely my go to of mine! 

Body Suit          Romperalls


They recently release their spring and summer collections and OH MY LANTA the colours are fabulous, do yourself a favour and check them out! (I have link their site throughout) So there you have it, my favourite times to wear my Smash & Tess Rompers! Now obviously there is tons of fabulous ways to wear your rompers, and a lot of people have even found ways to dress them up to wear to special events...I have yet to wear my rompers out for an evening...but when I do you’ll be sure to hear all about it.


Team Spruc’d …(My dog counts as a team member right…?)


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