I Got It From My Mama | Mother's Day Gift Guide

And just like that Mother’s Day is almost here….and is definitely not a celebration you want to be last minute shopping for...but here we are! Our mama’s (and mamas to be) are working hard around the clock and deserve to be treated like a queen on their special day. I decided to help take the stress out of your Mother’s Day shopping and put together a list of my faves to help you find your perfect Mother’s Day gift!

I have split it up into two different categories (Marketplace items and Local/Canadian items) covering a range of prices...and for fun I have thrown in some ideas that don’t cost any money at all...each and every one of them will be sure to put a smile on your Mama’s face.

Marketplace Mama’s Day Gift Guide

Smash & Tess Rompers (they are even on sale right now)

  • Who doesn’t like to live in comfort, these make for a great way to tell your Mama just how much you love and appreciate her


    Gemstone Jewelry


    • This has been a total hit with my Mom! Not only do they look fabulous alone, but they pair great with a variety of outfits/accessories, and most importantly help to get that positive energy flowing

      Wooden Sign

      • Shop from the collection, or get a custom sign made to add a personal touch to your gift

          Local Mama’s Day Gift Guide

          North Kinder 

          • Okay the Mama sweater is actually the sweetest little gift, and is guaranteed to look fabulous on every mama or mama-to-be out there. A little birdie even told me that they have matching attire for the whole damn fam!

          Photo Credit: https://northkinder.com

            My Cheeky Baby

            • This is also great for some Mama Swag but also Nana swag as well...it’s actually what my sisters and I are getting our Mama this year.

              Hollyberry Soaps

              • Treat your mama to some much needed "me time" with a Hollyberry Gift Set

                Photo Credit :https://www.hollyberrysoaps.com/ 

                Essential By Nature

                • We only have a select few of their amazing products in the Marketplace. All these products are made up natural ingredients given to us by the one and only MOTHER EARTH...see what I did there..lol. They smell amazing and work even better!

                  Mama’s Day Gifts for $0

                  Household Coupons

                  • This is a great one to from the Kiddo’s, where mom can cash in on the days she doesn’t feel like vacuuming, washing dishes, or doing laundry

                    Breakfast In Bed

                    •  I may not have kids but I do know how important it is to start the day off right, win your Mamabear over with a home cooked breakfast with a side of coffee..and mimosa obvs!

                      So there you have it just a few ideas to win your Mama’s heart over this Mother’s Day! I would love to hear how you spent your Mother’s Day, comment below and share all the deats!! Happy Mother's Day!


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