How Are You Using Your Belly? | A Guide to Styling Your Belly Baskets

One of my favourite items in the Marketplace...BELLY BASKETS! We sourced these from an amazing company called Xinh & Co. and if their products aren’t amazing enough, the story behind their brand will be sure to get you!

“We carry products that are made by artisans who practice traditional methods that have been passed down from generations to generations. By bringing these products to a bigger market, we are improving sociaeconomic growth and preserving cultural traditions of these rural areas in the world” -Trang


So cool eh? Well not only are these puppies handmade from Vietnamese women, they are amazing quality, affordable, functional, and well...super cute! They come in 4 different sizes:

  1. Mini: 10'Height-10'Diameter,
  2. Small: 12'Height-12'Diameter,
  3. Medium: 14'Height-14'Diameter, and
  4. Large: 14'Height-17'Diameter, which leaves for endless amounts of possibilities!

So I thought it would be fun to share with you all my favourite ways to use our Belly Baskets.

Toy Bin:

Whether it be for the kids or indoor doggos (I hear they are similar..haha!) these make for a great way to keep the toys accessible, all while keeping your room looking clean and put together. Sounds like a win win if you ask me.

Laundry Baskets:

This one is for the large basket(mostly)..because with the amount of laundry I do no smaller size would be able to work! Our house is set up with the laundry and bedrooms on opposite ends of the house, so I am constantly moving the laundry from one end to the other, and the large belly basket works AH-MAZING for transporting it all, without leave a trail of misc items from the laundry room to our bedroom! If you are looking to incorporate smaller baskets, they work great and look great as storage on your laundry room shelves/counters...especially to collect all those lone-wolf socks!

Beach Bag:

So I discovered this one on my most recent vacay to Maui, and hot damn it worked like a charm! It was light, roomie, and as usual super cute. I used the medium, and was able to fit towels, sunscreen, a book...even a bottle of wine, and I still had room, it was faaaaaabulous!...and the best part, it didn’t really seem to trap any of the sand in it, with a few shakes it was as good as new!


Last but not least, and my personal favourite, a planter. My green thumb skills are still a work-in-progress, so I avoid transporting plants out of their original pots as often as I can, and this is definitely a great way to work around that. But I will give you one sure to check that the container your plant comes in has no water hole in the bottom. I wish I wasn’t speaking of this from experience, buuut like I said my green thumb skills are still a work-in progress haha!

Well there you have it my favourite ways to use my belly baskets. Comment below and let me know how you use your Belly Baskets!



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