DIY Pom Hangers

Are you a lover of texture like me?  I've recently discovered these cute little pom hangers, and couldn't resist making one for myself. They are the perfect little pop to spice up any lacking space.  I kept mine pretty neutral, because heaven forbid I add any colour into my house haha. But if you wish to include some colour feel free to switch things up by staining or painting the beads, and using different coloured yarns.

Okay so here is what you will need!!

  • Wood Beads
  • String
  • Yarn 
  • Glue Gun(optional)
  • Scissors
  • 20" board (this will change depending on the length of pom you would like to have), for this DIY I actually ended using my cheese I didn't have any extra wood around the house, and it worked perfectly

Step 1:

First things first, cut your string to the desire length you would like, for me I cut it a 24" . Be sure to leave some excess as you will need to use that later on when you add your pom to the string.

Step 2:

Start adding the beads. I ended up using a total of 21 (22mm)beads, once you have added all the beads onto the string, tie a knot at the bottom.

Step 3:

Now to make the pom. Grab your yarn and start wrapping it around your board ( or in my case cheese board). Be sure to hold onto the end of the yarn so it doesn't get pulled shorter than the rest of your strands.

Step 4:

Cut the string from the ball of yarn once you have finished wrapping it around your board 27 times. You will then want to cut a smaller piece from your ball of yarn to create the top of your pom.

Carefully pull the yarn off the board, and use your smaller piece of yarn to create the ball like top of your pom. Be sure to tie this tight so the string doesn't come undone later on. I always like to use the glue gun to glue the knot once I have finished tying it!

Step 5:

Next grab your yarn and your string of beads. Use the excess string to weave through the top part of your pom, tie a knot to finish it off.*This is why it is important to cut your string longer in the first step than needed* Once you have put a couple knots in the string use the glue gun to glue the knot again and cut the left over string!

Step 6:

Now take the ends from your yarn knot and tuck them into the top part of the pom.

Step 7:

Cut the end of your yarn loop! Once you have cut through the loop you may have some uneven pieces, find your shortest piece and cut the rest of your yarn to match that length!     


Step 8:

Find the perfect little spot to showcase your new Wood Bead Pom Hanger! 


Team Spruc’d …(My dog counts as a team member right…?) 

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