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Goooood Morning Seedlings,

WHERE MY BRIDES AT!!! If you have completed the process of planning a wedding you understand the excitement of having ALL your wedding planning complete. Considering I am probably the worst at making decisions, getting to this point is a huge accomplishment for me haha! Whoop Whoop!!Out of all the decisions I had to make one of the hardest, was picking out a gift for my bride baaaaabes. I wanted to get the girls something that they could make use of afterwards and that didn’t have BRIDESMAID slapped across it...and ontop of that, I really wanted to try and keep it local or Canadian. Which to my surprise was a lot easier than I originally thought, I actually found TOOOONS of amazing ideas, and wanted to pick them all, but my bank account(#funsucker) told me otherwise. So I figure if I can’t do it all, I may as well share the wealth with all of you!


Smash & Tess Rompers

I mean as if you thought I wasn’t going to include this on my list haha! I have previously declared my love for these rompers and will always continue to do so. Let’s face it, you want to remain comfy while you and your bride tribe are getting glammed up and these are sure to do the trick….The best part though, Smash & Tess actually offers a bridal package with  15% off each romper if you order 4 or more...and I also hear this fabulous little Marketplace also matches this offer on their site as well..hint, hint, wink, wink LOL


(Photo Credit: @smashtess)

Goodie Baskets

One could never go wrong with a goodie basket, and this works great it you have a strict budget it stick too, and really the possibilities are endless! Some of my favourite items included reusable straws(glass/aluminum*), beewax wraps, wine (OBVS!), Candles, Candy, Scrunchies, Small Plants(Real/Faux), Gemstone Bracelets, and Bath Bombs... all bundled in a cute little belly basket or market bag...could it get any cuter...the answer is no haha!

(Photo Credit: @hollyberrysoaps)

Brunette the Label Sweater

I have previously seen this done where you get everyone the black (Brunette, Blonde, or Redhead) sweaters and the Bride gets a different colour, or everyone just gets the same colour,  it looks uuuuber cute and everyone is sure to wear the sweaters again whether it be in their everyday wear or for lounging.

(Photo Credit: @brunettethelabel)

There you have it a couple different ideas to spoil your favourite girls with on your big can you guess which one I did? 


Team Spruc’d …(My dog counts as a team member right…?)


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