Summer Yard Prep: Where to Shop Locally For Your Summer Needs

Spring/Summer has officially sprung at our house this past month. As most people hit the road with their campers, we started to spruce up the yard for the summer months ahead, and our wedding that is very quickly approaching...I know such crazy party animals we are HAHA! With that being said,  I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my go to (local) places for our Plants and Gardening Accessories.

Local Nurseries

The past two years, the ladies in Justin’s family and myself have headed out to Cannor Nurseries to plant our flower pots for around the yard. Honestly it is likely the only reason my flower pots lasted as long as they did last year haha! It's an awesome little setup they have going on there. If you are a member, they allow you to come in and plant all the flower pots you want, you then leave them at the nursery and they fertilize, water, and nurture them for about month to give them a healthy start to the season. If you are in the YEG area I highly recommend looking into this if you're a black thumb or newbie flower lovers ( myself). Going to a nursery also allows you to get an little more design inspo/ tips & tricks with the plants you get, since the staff is more educated on the stock they have. Although the plants maybe a little pricier than say Canadian Tire, the free education and quality of the products make it worth it for certain plants, plus they usually have more of a variety to choose from! I wanted to keep the colour minimal with the front flower bed (mostly shaded), so I bought some b-e-a-u-tiful coral bells (Champagne), astilbe(light pink), and Hydrangeas (White). 

Local Hardware Stores

We have a Home Hardware in our small town of Thorsby which has been awesome to grab some decorative accents from for the yard. If you know me, you know that I will attempt to decorate any your bet your ass my flower beds and pots are going to get some decorative touches added to them as well! I feel I get this crazy decor itch from my mama… you will never find space in her home or yard that looks unfinished… honestly, she even has decor that she puts up and takes down in the camper when they go camping it’s freaking awesome.

The past couple years, I have grabbed my garden seeds from the local hardware stores in our area as well, this year Justin and I hit up Peavy Mart and I picked up a couple experimental items that will hopefully work out.*fingers crossed*

Canadian Tire

If you are on a tighter budget Canadian Tire is the place to be( always)! Although it isn't a small business, it is Canadian and I feel you are guaranteed to have one within an hour of you at all time haha! This is where I go for all my flower pots, any extra(filler) florals I need throughout the summer, and yard tools. They have a ton of flower pots every personal fave is the terracotta ones they brought in this year...SO FREAKING FABULOUS...I think they would make for such a pretty front porch display with the different sizes, colours, and designs. Stay tuned for that blog… because I am determined to get my hands on them. Anywho last year I was able to get all my plastic pots (I believe a total of 8) for under $100 which was about as cheap as I could find them, and slowly I will replace them with some more heavy duty ones. I actually found some amazing boxwood shrubs for the front flower bed (calgary boxwood to be exact) as they were a fraction of the cost and looked to be in comparable shape to the nurseries stock.


Markets/Marketplace stores are very easy to come across these days and they usually have some awesome seasonal goods to spruce up your outdoors, such as signs, garden labels (this clearly isn’t the correct name), ceramics (small pots/accents), and decorative accents. In YEG and the surrounding area we have a few to choose from The Maker’s Keep, Bycurated, The Magpie Collection, Hello Local Market and US!! name a few!


There you have it some of the local places I shop at for outdoor goods, now to keep all the dang plants alive… wish me luck, Happy Planting!!



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