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This past year we have been slowly making the switch to more natural products...due to some health issue with my main squeeze, we began to pay closer attention to the chemicals in the products we use on a regular basis, such as our cleaning & body/skincare products. I personally love how the world is becoming more conscious of what they are putting on and in their body. And surprisingly, it was pretty easy to make some changes with all the amazing local brands in the area. So I put together a list of my favourite body/skin care products from in and around YEG.

Up until now I never really consider myself a “bath person”. But in this past year I have slowly but surely started to transition into a bath gal...I mean nothing beats a steaming hot bath, a good read, and a puuurdy bath bomb sizzling away...oh and don’t forget that glass of wine. If I am being honest, I actually won’t have a bath without a bath bomb...pathetic I knoooow! My sister-in-law actually got me on this bath bomb train and I can’t say I am too upset about it. There is so many amazing companies to choose from, that use natural ingredients to curate all of their fabulous products. Some of my go-to brands include

Hollyberry Soaps:

I instantly just feel happy when I go on their site or see their posts. Everything about this brand is amazing, the makers, their mission, and obviously the products! They have a bunch of staple products, but they also have adorable seasonal bath bomb and gift set that go perfect for any occasion. I personally have yet to use all of their products but I found them at a market last summer and snagged some bath bombs...lemme tell you... AH-mazing. No only were the scents amazing, their sizing was(and is) very generous. I was able to split up each bath bomb and get multiple uses from one bath bomb.

(Photo Credit: HollyBerrySoaps)

Jack 59 Body Co:

Again, I discovered this maker at the KeepItLocal Market a couple years ago now, and fell in looooove. They have a ton of fabulous products, and even have a few with for the kiddos, including fairy/zombie dust, and bath bombs with a toy’s basically like a Kinder Surprise HOW FREAKING COOL! But my all time fave product is The Eucalyptus & Menthol Shower Steamer. This product is like heaven when you have a cold, its like vicks for the shower haha! All you have to do is toss it at the bottom of the shower, let the water do it’s magic and breathe in! The absolute best!

(Photo Credit: Jack59Soaps)

Essentials By Nature:

Last but certainly not least, Essentials By Nature. This is an amazing local brand who has a TON of fabulous products. She covers it all, face, body, skin, and wellness. The blue raspberry lip delicious I could eat it. Fortunately for me, I have had the opportunity to try a quite a few of her products and have loooved each and everyone of them, but so far my favourite to date is her Face The Day face cream. It leaves your feeling moisturized(and not oily), refreshed, and smelling fabulous! I also here she has a magnesium spray that works is next on my list! HAHA
 (Photo Credit : Essentials By Nature)

So there you have it, a few of my favourite local bodycare/skincare products (I have linked all their sites above). What are some of your favourite all natural brands to use below! Happy Shopping   

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